Returning False Values

How do I return a false value to a server when another addon queries it?


> Other addon checks if host_timescale is 1
> Host_timescale is 2
> Other addon is tricked into thinking host_timescale is 1

You don’t.

I’ve seen it done, which means it can be. Whether or not I do it isn’t the issue.

[lua]local gc = GetConVarNumber
function GetConVarNumber(cvar)
if cvar == “host_timescale” then
return 1
return gc(cvar)

There’s way more methods to check though, so it’s pretty pointless unless you know what they all are (Which I’m not going to reveal all of)

Any chance you could tell me any more in a PM? I’m gonna try to figure out more ways, but being told them would speed me along my way a lot faster.


That’s what I expected.

And unrelated: Thanks, you made me lose the game >.<