Returning for Another Monthly Check-Up

“So, being able to punch clean through a steel locker isn’t proof enough that it’s working fine?”

“Please hold still sir, this should only take a minute.”

If you haven’t caught it for some reason, they’re talking about his arm.

they should have brought an engineer too

after what happened in me1 lol

It’s only my opinion, but i think your ME themed screenshots are really getting HELLA boring. Especially because your editing style never changes.

“The fuck you starin’ at Quarian. Don’t go stealin’ my chit now.”


better than thousands of CSS poses

I respect the honesty.

Well i like his screenshots , atleast better then looking at boring “guy shooting off screen” or something like that.

Something simple , not “OMG THAT HAS EPIC EDITING”.

That’s the beauty about Ben, you can always except the good stuff from him.

You sir, have mind reading abilities, you ninja.

Sweet posing.

Once the Mass Effect 2 models are released the screenshot section is going to be all Mass Effect poses.

I doubt they will come out for some time. But I’m sure they will pop up as privates sooner or later.

Of course I actually would rather have them take their time working on them.


I aim to please.

Yeah, right. S-low will pump them out like a behemoth faggot (except he at least puts phong on his models. it only takes like five minutes of effort to do. I don’t get why people don’t do it) and the remainder of us will have to suffer seeing ME pictures even though they are completely uninteresting.

Apparently, he’s working on a lot of stuff at the min which won’t be to do with ME. So it will be a while before he starts cramming them out (if he does).

But I’m liking this pic. Posing is great once again.