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I have played many hours of legacy Rust and have been playing the new model for the last month or so. I really like many of the changes not just for what it already does but as much for more potential on what can happen. One frustration is that I cannot seem to create a house that lasts for more than a day. I created a simple one story and 6 block house last night on a community server. I upgraded the ceiling and walls to level 5 and the door to level 6. I felt that this was a fairly solid house. I logged off last night and came back about 9 hours later. I am once again in the wild with my rock. That is not terrible but the legacy rust at least gave you a chance of survival between sessions. It just seems that the new rust cannot resist a raid. Maybe this will be changed later but for now it is very frustrating.


There are ways to protect your base, but it takes some trial and error to get it right, with all the current exploits that will let a person in. Check out the known exploit thread-- that has suggestions for how to protect from these things, and always remember to level your foundations up to maximum level, as well as your walls/ceilings (you can also throw a sleeping bag under your foundation before building it to create an un-destroyable sleeping bag)

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Thanks for the comments.

Maybe the world isn’t large enough. People want to socialize and play with others but simultaneously be reasonably immune to attacks while maintaining the ability to attack anyone anytime with efficiency. That’s a hard balance.

It all comes down to the developers making a decision about the direction they want to go with player interaction. Should players meet with each other frequently or will it be a fairly rare event like those new space games. Should the game be more on the defensive side or more on the offense? If it’s hard to meet players in large maps will they make a system to log in near friends, like a tribe system? I don’t know but I think every player has their own idea how this should be and it’s just not going to satisfy everyone.

I know they plan to improve AI, they might add more animals, put in these land marks with some special items, make survival mechanics like hunger more significant. There are also ideas about implementing dangerous events like weather or whatever so the game will probably be less about the players. What I mean is, it would probably shift the meta from an aggressive pvp game to one where players would be more willing to seek others for help and accompaniment. So in the end, I wouldn’t worry too much about the current state of walls.