Reupload Zoeys addons

(this time in the right section)

I need some1 to reupload all of the addons from zoey just copy and paste so everyone can enjoy zoeys old addons

and making a Deathmatch/Build Server so yes it is very imporant to my clan now
if u can do this that would be awesome

And plz no Rage or Troll comments

Zoey doesn’t want us to upload her addons so I’m gonna respect that and not do it

We aren’t allowed to upload his work, apparently. Not that I have it.

Her, apparently.

fine if she doesnt it to be uploaded. It’s ok with me im fine with that. just hopfully that she remakes the addons again i do enjoy them i used to have the addons b4 some idiot hacker erased my G mod files or something since right after i came back from school so thats why i keep requesting and i was about to put it in my clans server… well sucks for me

No trolls plz

Zoey is a male stop pretending she is a female so you can kiss her.

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Zoey told me 's’he threw up last time 's’he was kissed, so I doubt you’d enjoy it if you tried.

I lol’d.

Lol same.

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yea like a guy would have that type of name?

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Unrelated but:

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On topic for once:

I absolutely loved Zoey’s scripts and have quiet the lot of them. Wish she still made scripts.

well can u upload them to me then? what exactly do u have?

Too many to count.

P.S. Use proper grammar. If you don’t, the grammar nazis come after you.

yea i had that problem b4 but still can u do it? ppl will love it if u do?