Reuploading a Map or Two

I recently downloaded a map called gm_Brickton and another version of it, gm_Brickton_Complex. I really like these maps, the simplicity is refreshing, but I went to a couple days later and they are no longer on the site. So I figured, hey, maybe I should reupload them since I’ve enjoyed them so much. But, unfortunatly, I forgot the creator’s name, and the map download did not come with a “readme” or “credits” .txt document, so I have no idea who the original creator is. So, my question is: Is it allowed to reupload someone elses file if I don’t know their username? I would take absolutely no credit for their work, and would give them full credit for it, but I wouldn’t be able to give them credit by name.
Thanks in advance.

suppose you could just write what you wrote here

I know I could just explain the situation in the description, but I don’t want to break any rules. Giving credit isn’t something I want to fluke on.

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I’m just gonna upload them. Hopefully the mods at will understand…