Reusing VIS data between compiles

I’m in the process of setting up lighting in my map and have to recompile quite many times to test out light settings.
I was wondering if there was a way to reuse VIS data so that I wouldnt have to run VVIS everytime.
Can this be done? I’m using the Batchcompiler from Nem’s Tools and i’m quite new to it so if someone knows if this can be done, please advice.

Absolutely impossible. Sorry

Too bad. I actually thought the portal (.prt) file could be used but maybe not then.

I have not tested this and Im pretty sure its just the portal placement and no visibility check information but the vbct lets you read portals from a file. I would be interested in your results if youd like to try :slight_smile:

The command line arguments for this are -tmpin and -tmpout. No idea if they work.

If you’re just testing out lighting, run vis with -fast

If you added new geometry you’re going to get visual rendering errors and even lighting errors with a reused vis file.