Revamped health/injury system

Hello everyone. Got a suggestion here.

Rust IS a game about “realistic” survival. The hunger/cold status is a proof. The broken legs making you slow and unable to run for a couple of seconds is another proof.
So, I thought about it. When you get killed, you’re informed about where you took the fatal shot, whether it’s in the head, the wrist, the leg, the throat…
Each and everyone of there should have a specific (temporary) effect on your visual UI. Examples:

-If you take a blow to the head (with a rock for example), you get dizzy. Your FOV becomes blurry and you stumble for a few seconds
-If you take a bullet or a blow to your arm, you’re not gonna be able to aim properly for a few seconds. The recoil would be harder to control.
-If it’s in the leg, you’re gonna be slow and stumble for a while
-If you take a blow to your second leg, you will fall on your knees and be unable to walk temporarily. If it’s in your second arm, you won’t be able to hold a weapon properly. Your shots will be extremely inaccurate and the recoil will be very high.

It’s only a suggestion. But people would be more reluctant to carry a lot of equipment, as they will be more vulnerable if they try to attack someone who has weapons. Please give your suggestions, or try to improve mine.


(It’s for the experimental branch, I know the current one’s not gonna be updated anymore)

It makes a lot of sense. The other day I was chased down by a naked and my revolver failed to save me when he ran in circles with a rock… If I could have shot his legs out, I’d still have plenty of stuff… THAT GROUP STOLE MY HOME…:suicide:

Haha, I guess so. Would be funny to see kev guys crawl on the ground after both their legs have been shot :smiley:

I completely agree with this concept but they have that in Dayz. The devs want to steer far from that. I do hope they add it in though.

Well, if you look at it this way, the 3rd-person view is in DayZ too.
But I get your point.

Bump :slight_smile:

DAYZ tried to be hyper realistic, so you fall six feet and break both legs,

this is a video game, lets try to keep it fun instead of making it more difficult than it already is

Well, all these suggestions would prevent Rust from becoming a CoD-lookalike. As long as you can hide for a couple seconds with medkits, you can survive forever without even being bothered by injuries.

I actually like this. You should expand upon this. Flesh it out, present it better. You’ll get a better response. I like that everything you mention is scaled down slightly, everything is temporary. Adds a great system without making the game take itself too seriously. I like it.

If we want more injuries, let’s have more armors. Scrap metal plate over kevlar, anyone?

its cool because people would be more stealthy instead of just run and shoot on their enemies like crazy bastards

I’ve mentioned this before, but damage should also correlate to these conditions. Getting shot in ass or shoulder is typically more survivable than the stomach, for instance.

It would also be interesting if every time you were shot, you had a chance of getting an adrenaline rush, increasing your speed by a bit, and maybe adding a percentage of damage to a secondary pool that didn’t detract from your health until the rush ended – when all of it would be added at once.

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I would hope better armors would lessen the chances of side effects significantly.