Revamped Inventory and Equiptment System.

The Inventory System in Rust is very flawed in my opinion, and leads to several problems, such as players being able to carry a full fortress in their inventory along with a arsenal of weapons and supplies. Not only is this unrealistic and breaks immersion, it grants more advanced players too much power. The main issues are:

  1. You can carry too much
  2. You’re inventory stays consistent, no progression
  3. You’re inventory is completely hidden from other players

So, in attempt to solve problem number one i suggest that items size are somewhat proportional to the amount of space they take up. For example, a pile of logs will take up four slots. This will be increased to 6 slots as the stack increases in size (this applies to other stackable items as well).

As for number two, your inventory space should be dependent on what equipment you have. Each player starts with 10 inventory slots. A shirt/hoodie adds 5 inventory spaces and so do pants. A small backpack will add 10, a medium backpack will add 15, and a large backpack will add 20 slots. The inventory is interface would basically remain the same except it would be divided into columns. A column representing anything you have in your pants or in your backpack. If you take your backpack off you don’t only lose inventory space but anything inside it

Now on to three, your upper and lower body should have attachment slots. Your upper body would have one slot for armor and two slots capable of equipping large weapons (rifles, spears, shields, etc.) and your lower body would have one slot for armor and two slots capable of equipping small weapons (pistols, machetes, etc.). There will also be items capable of equipping to both slots such as a quiver for arrows. If you are only going out for hunting you can equip cloth pads, or metal plates to these slots for additional protection. Your feet and head only have one slot for armor. Anything equip to those slots on your upper and lower body are visible and can be seen by other players.

Tell me what you guys think! This is a very rough idea and i would love to get some feedback.

Rust Logistics Simulator 2014. :v:

I tried my best to solve some issues without making the game a chore to play, do you have any suggestions? Maybe some positive or negative feedback

Nah, I’m fine with the backpack ideas.

So you agree with it all? I would love this see this idea refined by the community and i would love to hear your opinion.

My only real beef with this is that I feel it would widen the gap between fresh spawns and bandit clans that have everything.

Other than that, realistically the current inventory system doesn’t really make sense but I understand why it is how it is.

Actually, yes.
I kinda like it.
Just not sure about the final slot limit.

I feel like the only gap would be convenience. As far as bandit verse a freshspawn wouldnt the odds be slightly more even? Since these bandits would not be able to have so many weapons equipped it prevents them from being these one man armies

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If you were doing it what would you set it to? The inventory space in the game is currently 30 so the final amount with everything would be 40 (according to my concept).

I like the idea of the inventory expanding as you get better equipment
However, I don’t think it should be so complicated. Keeping it simple would be best.

I.E. Start off with a 10-15 slot backpack as you would need this to be able to build a shack and gather food at the same time.

As you add armor (depending on the type) adds more slots in your backpack

Don’t separate them for different thing but you could have multiple slots for different items like a pillar = 2 slots and a wall = 4 and so on.

I don’t know if i can make it much simpler, 5 slots for a shirt and pants, and then more with backpacks.

And what i meant by that is that your inventory grid or whatever you call it would be divided up (no change in spacing). So two columns would represent your backpack and while another column would represent your pants, there could be a little label and maybe an outline showing what space belongs to what item.

Btw I just found this:

Why are you guys doing that to us every time? :open_mouth:

I posted it in both on purpose, I just want to get as much feedback as possible.

baaaad idea.
The moderators will not be amused. :v:
But still a neat idea.

shhhh they don’t have to know

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Keep the feedback coming guys