Revelation Studios[Half-Life 2: Outlands Roleplay]


STEAM group:

Revelation Studios is a mature gaming and development community based around the popular source modification, “Garry’s Mod”. We are currently in the making of a Half Life 2: Outlands based roleplay detailing the hardships of the resistance.

The server is up, we have a 24 slot.

We will be using the ever popular Openaura script(basically the next version of BP) made by kuromeku.

We plan on having a variety of factions and/or characters including:

Overwatch Transhuman Arm


‘The Resistance’(Lambda, these are the Outlands, you are all technically ‘Resistance’)


Synths(Hunter, Crab synths)


MAPS: We are going to start out with C18, at this time the majority will be resistance/citizen controlled. The CPA hold a district within the city and make frequent raids over the lines. Resistance and UU skirmishes should be quite common. We may switch to another map, like city8 in the future. We’ll see how it all pans out.

Come check us out and stay a while!

If you want to join the community, or just feel like putting our tag around your name the format is [RS]. Administrators and players all have the same tag to avoid confusion.

-Razan and the RS administration team

Good Luck :slight_smile:

Lol Openaura.

good luck :).

Looks like your trying to copy the already existing Outlands Roleplay which has about 18 people on all the time.

Because I’m sure they created the idea of OutlandsRP, it’s not been going on for several years or anything like that. Naw. I “copied” them.

Well, recently we had a change of heart and decided to go with 2020rp.(takes place in a city after the awakening of the resistance. They now control most of the city). The server is up as it is, but may be passworded at the moment due to us tweaking it. It will be unlocked sometime today.

I’ll be able to get the aIP shortly, I’m currently typing from my iPod.

I happen to be very good friends with the person who scripted ‘The Outlands’ and can therefore tell you all with confidence that this is clearly another leach trying to ‘steal’ someone’s gamemode.

I very much hope that you re-consider your choice in Open Aura, it’s a minefield of bullshit, DDoSing and Kuroshit updates.

Are you referring to kuro? I happen to have admin’d on his server for a year. Or maybe you’re talking about lone, he’s hosting me right now so I don’t really think I’m leeching off Static Roleplay’s gamemode, as they are/were using Nexus. I got my copy of the gamemode from a friend of mine, who legally owned it, then, to make it better I got it refurbished by lone. Either way, I’m not “leeching” somebody elses gamemode.

Mate, you can’t just pull a copy of Kuro’s gamemodes and use it for your own. Your friend gets a serial and that’s it, no one else has access.

As I said before, I strongly suggest that you don’t go ahead with this. Apart from Gmod having enough HL2RP servers, I doubt that you’d survive Kuro’s DDoSs.

This isn’t a snipe at you. I hate the DRM that Kuro attempts to apply to all his work. Good luck :slight_smile:

Hurhur, good ol’ Lone, releasing more kuroscripts to the public :smiley:

So OP gave Lone OpenAura, ok now I’ve seen it all. You got it “Refurbished” by another community why? Maybe because you cant edit a couple lines of lua? I wouldn’t join this.

True dat, but he is at least trying. I suppose that making a successful HL2RP server can seem easy at first. It isn’t. I’ve spoken to Lone fairly in-depth about such things (I don’t think he would like me disclosing too much info) and he says that it’s really quite a minefield.

Anyway, I hate HL2RP, but I’ll make sure to forward this to people who don’t.