Revelence life fixed post

ha im moving to comics no more shitty links

Lets see, you made a blatant ripoff of shelf life’s first scene, but with a poor framerate, terrible sound quality, a pre-pubescent voice for sound effects and voice acting, constant flickering of both scenery and props, and terrible ragdoll posing.
Please don’t make another movie.

I’m embarrassed for you.

Get out plz



Oh man.

The word “fail” is tossed around a lot these days.

Was this a troll video?





Pfffffrrtkkkggg ahahaaaa


Aah, this is just brilliant:

  1. Your name is mr.killa. I’m scared to death FYI.
  2. Your avatar is ripped from appox’s movie and you drew some lines on it in Paint
  3. You succeeded in posting the shittiest video I’ve ever seen. It’s that bad I burst out in laughing.
  4. Aren’t you a little young to go on a forum like this?

I’m in tears right now. :v: :v:

troll video