Revenge [interactive O_o]

This is my first comic ever. I decided to make it interactive cuz I like interactives. Enjoy O_o
What to do?

  1. Go talk to the guy next to the cab;
  2. Take a look around this district of city - things have changed while you were in prison;
  3. Call your friend to meet.

Taxi man seems suspicious, go ask what he’s waiting for.

  1. Definetly melted peanut butter.

Punch him in the GOAD DAHMN SPAIGN and steal the taxi GTA style.
Where to?

  1. Ask the cabbie to go to your old flat;
  2. Ask the cabbie to go to your friend’s gunshop;
  3. Change your mind and leave the taxi. Take a look around this district of city.

Tell him to head to your friend’s place.

Dexter knows where that is right?

Yes he does.

Tell the taki driver “Go to my friends place. We need to have a little talk…”

One more vote.

Friends place but when the cabbie arrives he crashes into the building, and dies. Dexter lives and the car is in mint condition somehow.

Do 2
What to do?

  1. Look around;
  2. Take something of the weapons and leave;
  3. Leave without taking anything;
  4. Stay here and wait.

Take STG44 nad leave, this is some serious weaponry right here.,

Look around; Mike might be there somewhere.

2 and go grand theft auto in the city.

1 more vote and next part will be ready for tomorrow.

Should have a vote for “Grab STG44 and look around”

do 1

Do 1. You don’t need a weapon, just find your friend.