Revenge of an Assassin


C&C is welcome.

Is he raping them or something?

You made a second altair picture with pretty much all the flaws from the first one (apart from the prop part since the scene is as empty as a dead walrus’ stomach) in less than an hour and posted a new thread regardless. Good job.

I did change the blood, and there are no hl2 props. The Guards aren’t totally diffrent colors, and Altair is blinding, yes there are problems, but this is an improvement.

It’s still terrible.

I thought the closer Altair was kissing the guy for a second.

I think he is

Needs work

A lot of work actually

you guys are all stupid, this is a great picture. Truely art

I have to say, If its terrible tell me How to improve it! I can’t improve if I don’t know what and how to fix it. (And not answers similar to dont pose or upload)

Fix the posing, spend more time on it, Background is too empty, if you used in-game blur, something is fucked up, Watch for clipping, That’s what I suggest fixing, and or improving

Thank you, That is what I needed.

it’s terrible because you have a lulzfuc avatar.

no, actually it’s terrible because the posing is awful, the dof looks like baby food vomit, and the compisition is all but life-threatening to bare witness to. fingerposing on the background altair is okay.

your avatar doesn’t really help though.


I tried real hard but I can’t even chuckle at this. When you don’t know humor you don’t do humor.

This is really bad.

Once again, Not Thing 1 I can do to attempt to fix the pose until Garry fixes gmod and according to his updates it’s been rough.

I can’t critique like others can, as I’m still learning as well. I do however know more editing than posing, so let me start there. The thing that catches me is that it looks like it was stitched together, there appears to random blur in places. It also feels a bit empty and bright, the camera angle could use some work as well.
That being said, fix all these do more poses but don’t upload until you feel you’ve improved. Good luck, I mean it.

Now that Gmod is up, I’ll fix this pose aswell as my other one.