Revenge on a Greifer + Hacker at the end.

I love how every single time a guy gets shot the other guy is a hacker

I dont think you even watched the video. The guy came flying through the sky, landed on the house and mass killed him. Not a single shot was fired.

Read much? Its in the title…

its a regular game play present days :pwn:

I don’t know if you can really call someone just killing you griefing but yeah, totally justified and pretty satisfying to kill him back :smiley:

You are completely retarded, you do know that right?

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Did you watch the whole video before commenting? He wasn’t saying ziggy was a hacker he was talking about the guy that flew onto a top of a building and mass killed. Does everyone on the internet have A.D.D? Can’t even watch a two minute video before commenting on it.

You should follow your own advice… He calls ziggy a griefer and the other guy a hacker.

You just restated him…