That is…pretty fucking cool actually.

If you actually do anything with it, do let me know. I’d be amazed if anyone actually downloaded it.

Not sure what I’d do with it, I’m afraid. Reminds me of days when I used this website called MUDMAKER though

Your really lowering yourself here, that looks awesome. It also looks like you put a shit-ton of time and code into this. Don’t give up!

very cool man, however just because it’s entirely text based and it’s in a fps game, it’s kind of a turn off, i mean text based games in general are. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s awesome but the majority of people here will be like “wtftextonlynerd”

Perhaps include it in some sort of mini game or lounge gamemode allowing you to play multiple arcade games, including this?

Please don’t take this negatively, but why are you trying to drink soup with a fork?

By that I mean, there are dozens of engines that allow you to easily create MU*s out there, why going through Garry’s Mod? Are you trying to introduce the genre to the playerbase? I think you might be slightly out of the area of interest of most 13 years old on this game.

You most probably should save all that time and invest it into development straight away by actually making a MU*s.

Or if you’re just doing it because why the fuck not, then I wish you best of luck. :slight_smile:

You should rewrite this for gTerminal.

Because I routinely make poor decisions.