Reverse Proxy Setup On A Gmod Server


So I have created a reverse proxy server which I use for game servers & webservers, that do not have a DDoS protected IP. I have setup this before on many different games. However, I have never done it on a Garry’s Mod server (A source server at all). So I was hoping that maybe, someone here on Facepunch knows?

Everything on the backend proxy server is setup, such as IP pointed to my Garry’s Mod dedicated server’s IP and Port.

But I’m not sure, how to make so my Garry’s Mod server is using the proxy IP, any ideas?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

How are you doing the proxy? Using a GRE tunnel or something?

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Is the proxy run on the local machine, or a remote one basically

The proxy server is running on a remote server, not the same one as where I host my game server on.

It is a good idea about the proxy account. Previously, I had not thought of to do so. Thank you suggested, I hope it will implement with my proxy