Reverse time

Are there any reverse time mods for Garrys mod?

I have that, but when i fling an object it does not go back to its original place, i saw a mod somewhere that could do it

Did you try reloading with it?

It helps :smiley:

I have, nothing,

It don’t really reverse the time of the game but only of your movements.

I swear there was a mod that reversed the game, Objects and stuff

I don’t think there would be, as the physics movement data isn’t stored.

Hmm, Strange i am sure there is a mod.

There /was/ a few videos posted in a “What are you working on” thread about an entity you would attach to an entity and it would count down forwards, then reverse the movements for that objects (eg bring it back up if it fell down) and count upwards but the sound files were reversed. I don’t remember the author or addon name though.

try the time grenade in Gmod+.

There was, no clue where it went.

If I correctly understood… you’re looking for an addon for “rewind” the time?

If so, you might are looking for the “BasicTimeControl V6 Beta”.

IT can rewind the time of your movements and of entities/props’ unfortunately one of last updates damaged it so you can’t rewind ragdoll’s movements anymore D:

I wonder if BerkleyJ is working for the final version…

BTW here it is: