Reversed Vortology

This is what they really want Alyx to do after their brave attempts to heal the Alyx Vance.

nice but you should have used the phong shader

You don’t even know what that is do you.

I do. It makes models look shinier.

It’s toned down rimlighting.

I found that Valve’s rimlighting on the Vortigaunt looked ridiculously bright.
So I toned it down.


I apologize that my Vort isn’t covered in excessive rimlighting.

This is heart warming. Love and health care disregarding species… And gender. Have heart.

The vort’s have a nice belly :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it though.

Let me summon my kin.

My kin has informed me to meet us at a shelter in the mines not far ahead.

Let us hurry, Freeman. Heady intellectual discourses await us in the mines.

And thus Alyx whispered onto the Vortigaunt, “I’m sorry that I left you right out of the blue, there was no excuse, I will do anything to undo that”.