Revert to regular movement, not this inappropriate TF2 stuff

I remember not too long ago, crouching wasn’t the same speed as walking normally, and you didn’t slide when you stopped moving - it was closer to an instant stop. When you held down your walk key while crouching, you slowly inched across the ground silently.

Is there any way somebody could revert the movement to that classic style?

Sounds to me like you play on laggy servers or something like that. The movements have not changed and they’re definitely not similar to the ones in TF2.

All build servers are like this. When you move in GMod, it’s just like in TF2, and it was announced to be like this in an update some time ago. Not in SP though, SP still has very clean-cut movements.

It’s not a laggy-style slide, it’s just that you don’t stop when you stop moving, you slowly come to a halt after about another step and a half. This isn’t appropriate in GMod, I don’t want to have to be in noclip to do anything correctly.

If you are so adamant movement hasn’t changed, I don’t feel like debating this, I really just don’t care. SP has different movement to MP, so let’s say I would rather have SP’s walking style to MP’s. I am sure this could be pulled off.

Is this happening if your on top of a prop? I believe that’s a bug in source, I get it when I jump onto a prop building. I have to jump once to remove the effect of a slide stop.

On any surface, prop or not. It only happens not in multiplayer.

That effect you’re getting some people refer to as “rubberbanding” which has been happening a lot more recently since this movement update. That’s not how I normally move, it’s just that it takes so long to stop, it’s frustrating. I have to noclip to build properly which is annoying because I usually disable it on my server, and being geared towards realistic combat, it’s hard to maneuver correctly because I’m stumbling all over the place, hitting doorways or going out of cover by accident.

The update which “fixed” flying off ramps caused this.

Can we add a prevention against it?

I’ve no idea. If anyone figures out a way, I would like it too.