Review & Feedback - 32 hours played

First, my apologies if this is not the appropriate place to post this and to anyone offended by my opinions. I would very much like to see this game succeed. Given that it is still in Alpha, I imagine that well-thought out and eloquently worded reviews and suggestions should be viewed as helpful. Yes, I read the sticky.

I very badly want to love this game. 95% of it is brilliant! One of the best open-world, sandbox-style games I’ve ever seen. But the 5% of bad is really a game-breaker.

I understand that this is Alpha and will be sticking it out hoping these things get improved.

In detail: I LOATHE the lack of protection for logging out. This game penalizes you for sleeping, working, or doing anything else IRL. To be successful in this game you would literally need to replace your real life with it. I support that there is no way to completely defend your base from raiders and would never ask for that to be changed, but it is utterly soul-crushing to start with absolutely nothing every time you log in. I don’t believe hiding your things in tiny pouches in rock crevasses should be the solution to this.

I understand that this was implemented to prevent “combat-logging”, however there are other games that have already solved this problem. Things such as log-out timers have been implemented for ages. Create an active timer counting down from 2 minutes (or another arbitrary time value) and have the character disappear after that time. Provide the same static wait time upon a d/c/alt+f4.

TLDR: Though I love the old-school style punishments for failure this game is TOO punishing. Don’t expect to be successful unless you can LITERALLY live within it’s world.

As a secondary minor issue, metal is far too rare given how important it is to the game. More spawns, or ability to pick at mountains the way we pick at trees.

Valuable perspective. I think the sleeping idea works, haven’t had any problem with combat logging.

However, I don’t agree with your P.S.

Fortunately the P.S is pretty minor. :slight_smile:

I think it needs to be more widespread, which i think is going to happen sooner or later. They just seem to gather in hotspots atm.