Revisions to Hunting/Cooking

While watching this video, I started to think about Rust, and how a few things that would make Rust a little more interesting to play, or rather increase the amount of “realism” brought in Rust. Got around three suggestions, so hopefully we can get these all down with some detailed explanations!
Body Twitching After Headshots**

As can be seen in that video, after getting a headshot on a creature, you do not exactly get a slumped ragdoll and call it a day. Most of the time things like small games will actually bounce around due to muscle tension and reflexes being activated by the destruction of the brain. Some may disagree with the addition of this, but I feel that adding something like this would be more for hunting animals, and having the whole, “Yup got it” type thing to let you know you hit the animal. How this would work is that after shooting a rabbit in the head, you would have the chance of it bouncing around for about two seconds before going fully motionless to provide that it’s dead. This is more-or-less a thing for realism, as well as adding some features that would allow you to find corpses of small game you shoot without having to turn off all the grass shaders you have. :v:

**Carrying Animal Carcasses On Back
This is a concept that I got from Archeage. Essentially, after killing an animal, you could theoretically just take a few cuts of meat off it, and leave the rest of the animal’s pelt and meat to rot, or you could put the animal on your back, take it to your base, and goto a workshop table[or maybe a gutting stand?] where you will be able to get more meat and pelts from the animal. Some people will be confused about the addition for this, but one of my smaller ideas regarding it, is the matter of having a system in which leaving a dead corpse to rot will attract wildlife as the smell will be pungent in the air. Not to mention it could also be used to attract other creatures while hunting! This type of things would make a great addition to the game, as it would add a level of realism in which is not seen in that many survival games.
Realistic Animal Cleaning System

**Ahhhh Red Dead Redemption. One of the cool features about that game was that in order to get pelts, meat, and organs from animals, you actually had to go about cleaning them. This process was already mentioned in the previous suggestion, namely the “gutting stand”. What this would do is that after players bring back an animal carcass to their household, they’ll be able to skin the creature, and from there they’ll have a minigame(?) in which they have to make precise cuts in order to pull the guts out. These guts could be used to bait dangerous animals to a certain area or possibly be used as blood bait for fishing. The organs such as livers, heart, brains, and otherwise could also be eaten! After getting the guts out and all that, it’s time for you to portion the sections of meat. Remember how I said you could possibly get some meat from just bashing the animal with a rock? This is far more precise, and actually requires you to take cuts of the animal and pull meat off the bones or keep the bones in, and just take the meat off.

By having these systems, we make it so animals will be slightly more plentiful in Rust, and simply killing animals and leaving their corpses near your house could attract far more dangerous creatures. This system could also lead the way for possibly cullinary minigames which could be used to make different types of foods with different types of attributes. For example you could debone a slice of venison and use it to make beef jerky. Beef jerky would be used as a travel snack, and it wouldn’t spoil as fast as say a raw cut of meat that isn’t in some form of cool area or salted in a barrel.

I kind of agree, though I have to admit it could make shooting things and cleaning them a lot more of a chore :P. If they do this, I hope they let you gut/clean small things like rabbits without needing a knife (yes, you can clean small animals with no tools, especially birds)

Well as the video sorta mentions you can gut small animals by just pressuring their organs to their rear-end! :v:

Well, or you just rip open the skin with your hands and pull the guts all out (they come out together, it’s not like a horror movie or something). It sounds a lot nastier than it is, as weird as it sounds xD

Ah yes the RDR-method sounds really good for this game, or something similar to it. Would take a while to skin an entire bear though would it not? Different sized animals take different amount of time to gut and skin, yes?