Revival of Onslaught: Evolved -- Onslaught NewAge

Hey Guys! Carocrazy132 AKA Mike Check here. I’ve been working on the old Onslaught Evolved 1.9 gamemode for a few weeks now and thought I’d share what’s going on.

First off, you’ll notice the addition of a wave counter, this made a huge difference and made me feel like I could actually progress in the game.

Since spawn icons look sexy now there was no more need to use spinning ugly DModelPanels, I added some more props and the price calculation is now almost directly 1/2 of its mass, letting you know which props are stronger by how much. I may soon cut that price to 1/4.

Icons on the class page are much smaller to account for new weapons gained as you level up your…

Proficiency skills! You can now upgrade how good you are at a class with money, unlocking new weapons, and higher stats.

I took off the labels for what exactly you killed and simply had it show the points you got where you killed the enemy, then drift off into the air.
This helps you really feel the impact you’re making on the battlefield.
You will not see other players kills, but you will see all of your own including turret kills, etc.

Double Kills / Round Bonuses / Etc are still on the right hand side of the screen.

Oh! and there are new (manual) turrets too!

The latest stable version of the gamemode is running at

Mike’s Onslaught Arena –

I may make the gamemode public once it is built upon a little more.
I think these are large strides from Onslaught Evolved 1.9, and it really does feel like a whole new game.

get admins too may prop killers

The font on the HUD is disgusting IMO

I mean if it’s that big of a deal I can change it but that’s leftover from Onslaught Evolved. It’s not something I chose :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the HUD is not a big priority, as opposed to other things.

I remember this game mode, it was the greatest zombie gm ever

Would just like to say… if the server is down, it’s probably just because I’m working on it, and it will be back up before too long.

This gamemode is a Work in Progress, and I love bringing on new updates :slight_smile:

I love you for adding engineer class :’) , I always love building stuff.

You must love sandbox then

Engineer class was in since the start of Onslaught, back before Gmod12.

Hey, could you post a video of what it looks like so far?
My pc is down atm so I can’t play it :confused:

Looks great so far ^^ and I agree that the font needs to be changed or re-made to look better

I can do that for you. Just give me some time

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The mines don’t seem to work and the manual turret doesn’t spawn. Other than that it’s pretty fun.

Does the server ever change maps?

You’re sure the manual turrets don’t work? You have to be engineer class inside or outside of battle I believe. Pretty sure I reversed that for regular turrets so it doesn’t matter in build mode but I may not have made the parameters wide enough to catch the new ones. I’ll get on that.

I pushed a last minute update against my better judgement and then I had work, then I had work, then I had more work. But now I’m here! So! I have tomorrow off (it’s midnight here), and I’ll push a fix update then.

I’ll also be updating it to only have melee enemies! (thought i already did but :p) I think it makes for better gameplay as all the enemies are coming at you, not standing a mile away shooting. I would have changed this earlier, but the sent_spawner is weirdly coded and it took me a couple looks over the code (wasn’t a high priority) to figure out how to force all the spawners, and hopefully save a few game ticks.

I also recently changed all of the umsg code to net, just cause. I believe this is the only update I pushed.

as to if the server changes **maps **, there’s a votemap option in the commands window. I’ve gotten it working again as it was broken (wrong file.Write directory arg), but I’m not sure if that update got pushed or not. Nevertheless big changes are coming, and last I checked mines worked fine so I’ll look into that.

Also I guess I’ll change the font lol. The people have spoken. I agree I just didn’t think about it yet. Small fishies.

Currently the game’s pretty much broken. The menus don’t work.

I was just on the server and everything was working perfectly. I also added the updates I mentioned, and changed the font.

EDIT: The problems mentioned were due to a steam workshop download issue. The problem has been resolved, though the spawnicon may take a few plays to refresh to not be an error if you’ve already played.

The spawnmenu doesn’t work, and i get this error.

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Yes i’ve reconnected several times. The spawnmenu refuses to do anything but open a blank box

Thanks for reporting that, man. Line 34 of upgrades.lua calls on sc_p, or the scout proficiency of the player, it’s an error indicating there is a messed up save file.

I’ve cleaned up the save files, as I had some old save versions still in the servers data folder I forgot to parse. Everyone’s save file should be repaired now, the only people affected (data files deleted, will have to start over) are those that joined in the first few hours that were running original onslaught save files. That said, those save files didn’t contain any information besides rank and kills, which none of these people had many of.

Hope you can join in on the server fun now :smiley:

I still get this same error


But i also get this

I also disabled all my addons this time. Still no change. My HUD shows up fine until the round starts. But the spawnmenu never shows icons or tabs, whether or not the round has started.