Revive and fix the WinAmp interface?

I am a great fan of Bad Hal 9000’s original Winamp interface (here:!)) and I’ve used it successfully for about 5 months.

My current issue is that BH9000’s old interface seems to be yet another victim of the recent GM update. Three months ago I had a working interface, however, my recent return to my private world of garry’s mod finds me popping this error everytime I use the key I bound the interface to:

[addons\winamp_interface\lua\autorun\client\cl_winamp_init.lua:130] attempt to index global ‘winamp’ (a nil value)

I recently rebuilt my garry’s mod as well(the process of clearing every piece of shit my folder and starting a clean game.), however, besides the recent upsetting update, I wouldn’t see why any other files would affect the interface.

While I’m a dabbling programmer myself, I don’t want to learn a whole new language just to debug a single program, so I’m hoping someone here might be able to solve this problem.

Also, as part two of my request. Would anyone be interested in adding more features to the interface. Things like:

  • library browsing support
  • opening file support
  • opening url button