Revive the Walt Garry Project!

I currently live 20 minutes away for. Disneyland and have already gotten a appreciation status on my pass because I go there so much. To the point were some of the cast members say hay nick to me when I pass them. Now I was looking through the older posts and I found a post of a group of 312 members in a steam community group. They were working together to recreate Disney land or one of the parks. Now the last post on there steam group was 2010 and since it’s been dead with no progression at all! I think we should come back together and contact the owner of the project and revive it. Btw this is the most I have ever written in a fucking facepunch post before. Anyway I think it would be a great idea to revive this project and Finnish it.

Here is the link to the original post

This isn’t the first time people have tried to revive it, but it always falls through eventually.

Some pretentious 12 year old came onto this forum back in November and tried to do the same thing. I’d know, I was there for both that and the original Garry World.

This isn’t starting back up until the original files made by the original team are retreived, and they’re not too enthusiastic to just hand over years of work to some optimistic stranger.

Fuck they should just realease them and let the community patch it up and make it into a rp map which in my opinion would be the best role play server ever

It’s not the kind of map you can just patch up. Besides, if I put all those hours of work into something, I wouldn’t release it so just anyone could post it as their own work.

Is the creator active as in online anymore or is he working secretly because I would love to see a progreess update

I’m going to take a wild guess and say he hasn’t been sitting there working on it without telling anyone or posting any updates in three years.

So you live pretty close to where I do, unless you meant Disneyworld. Interesting.
You could always impress us and make your own.

It is a pretty interesting concept, it would be really nice to see it revived. but you know, Disneyland is 150 - 170 acres in size. :v:

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Also, didn’t zuimzado actually explain why he didn’t want to continue it?

that’s the risk you take when you put things online.

Aloha. I really want to finish my Disney World stuff. I’ve been working on a recreation of the Wilderness Lodge Resort as well as parts of Epcot for quite a while. Progress is slow because I’m a full time Electrical Engineering student, and I haven’t had time to work on it lately, but I get as much work done in-between semesters as I can. These are all not anywhere near finished, so don’t be surprised when you see bizarre lighting problems or just generally unfinished areas, just want to show you guys what I have. Some of you may find a couple of these screenshots familiar since I’ve been working on this on and off for years. I’m thinking one of these days I should start a thread and post occasional progress (when I make progress of course) and for feedback.


I came here to say that people restart this project every couple of months, and each time it fails. But after seeing the work that you’ve done, Aigik, I’m very optimistic. I remember seeing the inside of the Lodge a long time ago, but that’s really fantastic work!

That thing is pretty much a great map on it’s own

That map is insane, did you make the custom models too?

I like the looks of those rocks

Haha, wish I could claim credit, but I stole those from the UDK. Everything else is mine though.

That just brought tears to my eyes!

I wouldn’t consider the work I’m doing to be a part of the “Walt Garry World” project. Just something I’ve been working on for fun on the side for a while now. I had already been working on both when the Walt Garry World project began. I joined because I thought a group of like-minded people who all have a similar goal could really achieve something if we worked together, but the project obviously never went anywhere, so I just continued to work on the stuff I had already been working on since before I joined. These maps sat for a long time on my hard drive without any progress, it was only this year that I started working on the Lodge again, and have been working on the exterior, which is a gigantic pain in the ass.

I seem to have encountered a problem with some sort of static model limit. After I create a certain amount of static props in my maps, it’s as if the compiler the props that exceed the limit. You can still see the shadow of the models (without the model) in-game. Weird. I’ve looked up the supposed static prop limit, and it’s supposed to be massive, which is odd because I shouldn’t be near that limit. I’ve solved this by combining models, but it’s a huge pain in the ass and a time waster. But I don’t have a choice, since I’ve searched and searched and can’t find anything on this. Oh well.

Sir, may I just say that I love you. That is magnificent work you’ve done there.