Reviving a dead gamemode- Gmod parasite

I’m trying to see if I can find anyone that can regularly host or even have a dedicated server for the gmod-gamemode “parasite”. I did not make this gamemode, I just simply want to find someone that can host a server. I can try my best to populate it.

What the gamemode is about:

As most of you know, TTT is a very popular gamemode in gmod. Some of you hate it, some of you love it. Nevertheless, Parasite can be considered to be similar yet very different to TTT. I consider TTT to be a direct rip-off from Parasite due to the close similarities. However, TTT haters should not be discouraged from trying this gamemode.

Parasite is based off of the movie: “The Thing”.

The start of the game is very similar to TTT: Players spawn on the map, and have a minute to supply themselves. After the minute has passed, a random person is selected to become the “parasite” or “alien host”. Nobody knows who the alien host is. The alien host has two forms: One is the disguised, human form, which he CAN damage players, but not kill. (If the alien host kills a human while being in disguised form, the alien host will immedietly die as a form of punishment). The other is the true alien form. When the parasite is in his true form, he wails a blood-curling screech, and that human, friendly face is replaced with a blood-thirsty pair of jaws. In his alien form, his speed is increased and has a melee attack. If the alien claws a player behind their back, they will automatically die. If a player is killed by an alien, he will also become the alien. If a human is killed by friendly-fire, the attacking human will become imprisoned, and the attacked human will become a zombie-like alien spawn.

Humans have a set of needs that must be accomplished in order for them to live. If they finish a need, they gain a small amount of health. There is a time limit to get from need to need, and if players do not accomplish the need, they die. Humans also have a set amount of ammunition. If they wish to get more ammunition, they need to buy ammunition from a bullet-depo. To get money, humans can kill alien spawn and hosts.

So as you can see, the gameplay is very similar to TTT, but with these minor/major differences.

If a human is tk’d by another human, the offending human gets punished by getting teleported to a prison cell. From there, humans or aliens can release the human, for freedom or for lunch.

If an alien kills a human, the human also becomes an alien. So there is no “Oh, I better be a traitor this round or i’m leaving” Kind of attitude.

Unlike in TTT, where innocents have nothing to do but to survive, humans have needs. This gives them something to do instead of just staying together with one another.

All of this creates an atmosphere of paranoia. This isn’t the kind of paranoia when you realize that you are the last innocent in TTT, this is REAL paranoia. You are alone (or not) in a big, dark spaceship. You hear screams in the next room. You don’t know if you can trust the person next to you. You hear alien spawns moaning, trying to find you.

Other notes:

Lights can be turned on or off. If lights are off, the map is very, VERY

Link to controls and description is here:

Link to download is here:

Link to mappack is here:

Link to video of gameplay is here:

Gotta disagree with that line a little.

It’s an idea that anyone can think up, without drawing inspiration. The Ship is another one. There’s also SpyParty.

Oy, sorry.

I didn’t really type the forum post on here, I just copy and pasted this from another forum, and edited a few things here and there. I just wanted to get my point across XP.

I remember beta-testing Parasite, it’s a very, very fun gamemode

yay for no content in the gamemode


Also , This Gamemode is Far Way Better then TTT , Where Having Everyone Camp in a corner and keep a damn eye on Everybody Gives a Win to the Innocents

The Needs Stop the Humans From Camping , Period

I agree, bring back parasite (I would myself if I wasn’t working on a similar gamemode though).

Everyone, i found a working parasite server!

the clan says they will change gamemodes if the server isn’t popular enough! Let everyone know if you truly care about this gamemode!!!

I’ll check it out. I’ll admit, I never really got that into parasite, but it was fun enough.

Ugh. Learn your shit first. TTT came directly from Mafia. Which was originally a card game. Which originated from the whole “Clue”/“Spy Party” thing.

Parasite was just a rip from that base idea. In fact, while Parasite came before TTT, TTT keeps closer to the original idea.

TTT didn’t rip from Parasite at all, they just come from the same idea.

i would love to play this gamemode, is there any server up?