Reviving Fretta gamemode

Alright, gentlemen. Since introduction of the brand new server browser made by Garry himself, many people expressed their sincere woes about loads of small gamemodes being unnoticed.

I have a proposal to revive “Fretta” category in slightly different manner.

All fretta gamemodes should be strictly named as Fretta and have their FolderName as fretta.
Server name should be changed by lua, prefixing current gamemode and server branding, for example, “Bunny Hop | PointShop, Pay2Win, etc”.

Server owners are free to pick one or many gamemodes of their choice.

By creating more servers with gamemodes mimicing to Fretta, the metacategory gets higher in rating, therefore more players could see it.
And there will be all the small gamemodes like Ultimate Chimera Hunt, GarryWare, or whatever was popular in those days.

Express your thoughts about this bellow.

How are you going to enforce this when 90% of server owners don’t even go on facepunch?

It’s not about forcing everyone to do this, it’s about major server owners doing the same thing.

A couple of weeks ago I started fixing up some of the old gamemodes for fretta. GMod is missing some great minigames.

I wouldn’t mind lending a hand to fix/host some Fretta gamemodes

Most of those gamemodes were fixed by someone, there was some project with sources on github.

This. Once a gamemode gets 20 or so players randoms will start joining it.

Would be interested in helping with this. It would have to work slightly differently though. Part of fretta was changing gamemodes with ease, and having a rotation - And yet there can only be one folder named “Fretta”. Easy work around though.

Sure, If we put the gamemode’s code in the /data/ folder we could only send the gamemode that’s being played like the original fretta, and even have a package manager for server owners.

I think the best layout would be a little like tiramasseu2, where the core gamemode just loads schemas. The old fretta gamemodes wouldn’t even need much beyond porting to gmod13

I’m willing to help, I could host too but it would be off my home network. anyone want to set up a git?

Do not do this.

All you have to do is store all the sub-gamemodes in a subfolder and randomly include one of the init files on the server. It will AddCSLuaFile the right files, and include too.

Why not?

If you get hacked, you could overwrite some files, to run malicious code or just break the gamemode.

I revived a bunch of Fretta gamemodes in 2013 and ran a server under the Minigames category on the server browser by using some really hacky methods. A few other Fretta servers have come up since Gmod 13 but none of them got as popular as mine (I know this sounds arrogant af) because they were always down the bottom of the server browser - maybe it’s because there were only 2/3 other MG servers at the time but people really really liked it

I released a few of the ones I’ve fixed up after my community died ( and I keep meaning to go back since I don’t know what state they’re in now. I also modified some of them and the code for that is probably fucking horrendous since I only vaguely knew what I was doing lol

If anyone wants to do it themselves, they should since fixing up old fretta gamemodes (which are much smaller than normal ones) are the easiest shit ever - it was the first thing I ever did with lua/any sort of programming and was able to get most of them fixed in a day or so

Ok, so hash it, store the hash on the same server you get the gamemode from (a Github repository probably?), then check the hash over the web before running.