Revo Admin Stick - The most useful administration tool you'll ever use

Hello Facepunch. For a while now I’ve been working on my fork of Top Hatted Cat’s Administration stick that I bought from ScriptFodder ages ago because I was looking for something like the PERP god stick.

I have added and customized his addon so much that I felt it should become it’s own project maintained by me, available for everyone to use. Since you can no longer purchase the addon, and nobody is maintaining it I decided to try to contact the author about posting it on GitHub. I tried adding him on steam, and he declined. I commented on his profile and he blocked me from doing that. I sent him a message on ScriptFodder and he ignored it (I know this because I saw him go online then offline). What I gathered from that was, he doesn’t give a crap about it anymore, so I have decided to make my highly customized and revised fork of it for people to download!

This comes with a ton of more tools with sounds, a lot more config options (including tool permissions that work with SteamIDs too), a better version of the actual weapon, and I am open to suggestions!

More information and installation instructions are available on the GitHub page.

Happy administrating everyone!


Honestly dude, I don’t think it’s wise for you to release an addon that somebody else made, claiming that you “modified it enough for it to be your own”. And I HIGHLY doubt that’s true considering how you couldn’t even fix a “table expected, got string” error on your own that literally required you to remove 2 characters from your code (And after telling you to change the table into a string, you STILL couldn’t figure it out, and I had to tell you exactly what piece of code to replace, and exactly what to put in instead)

As for your reply to this comment:
There is an ENORMOUS difference between making something, and editing almost all of it (And/or adding things)

In your instructions, why do you use “sudo” for almost every command, no need to…

Nice work, I too started on this a couple of days ago haha

  1. Please read my original post stating that I attempted to contact him and he clearly doesn’t care, there is also no way to obtain the original anymore.

  2. I tried turning into a string that way before, and it screwed everything up. I also haven’t been messing with Lua for over a year, and I am now getting back into it.

What are you trying to do, claim I didn’t do this? I suggest you take a look at the original SF page and addon if you can find it, then take a look at mine to see how different they are.

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Many guides do that, it doesn’t hurt anything as it acts exactly the same if you’re root, and it avoids any confusion.

Yes but as most people who have experience with Linux and DONT use the root account as their main, using sudo writes under a different owner and can mess up permissions. If you do not need to use sudo/root then don’t, it’s a bad practice!

Plz change thx



Not working for mee,

Going to need more information than that, as the current version should work fine.

Ive sent you an invite on steam so we can discuss it.

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Ive set it up with ranks and stuff, But when i restarted the server i do not have the stick in my inventory

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Would be great if you could help me today,.,

On behalf of everyone from the future who might find this thread on Google, this is bad conduct and you should stop that.

Care to explain to the Googler, and myself, why? :v:

The number of times I’ve Googled for a solution to a problem, and all I’ve gotten were threads that just had “please send responses to” or even worse, “nvm i fixed it”, is absolutely staggering.

Relevant XKCD (link in case the author decides to deny hotlinking):

I’ve just tested it, and it works without any issues on the latest version (4.11). Your problem is being caused by another addon or script you have, which I have no control over. I’d recommend removing things one at a time until it stops occuring.

In the future, please use the issues feature on GitHub for faster responses.