Revoltion QC [PVP/AirDrop/StarterKit with Supply Signal/No Wype/Mature player Only]

Hi everyone!

My name is Sebastian Monroe, It a pleasure for me, to inviting you to join the Revolution.

The server:

Hosting by HFB, very stable and located in Quebec Canada
We work’s (active player and admin) to create a mature community with the only goal, playing for fun!
No hacker, no admin abuse and no insult tolerated

For now the server have Rust ++ installed
Event, AirDrop, Supply signal in starter Kit, I hope you enjoy it!


      • Update (17 March 2014) + + +

-falling cause no more damage
-The object-making takes half less time
-Removing the objects decay
-A starter kit is available with the command /starter (A hachet / a sleeping / Supply a signal)

In development:
-Command / tpa to join a player via TP
-Command / sethome and / home (if possible Multihome order)
-Others stuff with Rust + +