Revolver/Bolt Action iron sights ever going to be changed?

They really should be changed; even if you get used to them, they’re extremely intuitive to anybody who has played an FPS or has used a firearm.

If you don’t understand, let me explain: The sights are not aligned, and the gun doesn’t shoot where it should. If these are the iron sights: lil (pretend the “.” on the “i” isn’t there", your normal reaction would be to put the target on the top, or within the top of the “i”. But instead you have to line up your target with the two side prongs, and center them using your middle sight in a completely different manner. It makes shooting at long range sort of a guessing game until you get a lot of practice with it.

An easy fix would be to just align the sights properly, such as: lll (have the middle sight aligned with the others) like on the other weapons in the game. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s sort of a small problem that would be nice if it was fixed.

Look at all the prop models. Or the black hands. Or the wtf tragedy idiot fart called the “stone hatchet?”
Obviously this crap ain’t here to stay.
But don’t expect them to keep updating the old Rust. Gimme a break…

This is getting on my tits now. All the guy did was ask a question and someone jumps down his throat. (yes he should have searched first but you know sometimes people aren’t infallible)

OP. As far as we know everything is a place holder at the moment and according to the last few Devblogs the next version of Rust will be a new build so a lot will/could change. So the issue with the sights could be resolved then. Be patient, wait for the next update to see what changes and do a search for an answer next time pal.

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With Minh Le (one of the creators of Counter Strike) coming on board at FP, I am very optimistic that all things guns will be improved quite a bit with future rust updates.