Revolver cloth

Why the hell do you need cloth for a revolver?

I’d think it was some sort of shock absorber for your hand to prevent blisters. That, or it’s to keep the gun from flying up and smacking you in the gobber while you’re in a firefight. On the other hand, aesthetics.

Yeah i guess so. on another topic, are military weapons way too easy to get or what.

I don’t think they’re too easy to get… Too easy to make? Probably.

Its for the grip. Look at the picture.

Long live NWO.

Right now, there’s basically no such thing as balance. That comes later. All that matters is that it works.

And since it kind of doesn’t and it’s too hard to fix it fast enough, Experimental is what’s being built to work now.

on experimental branch a number of craftables have had their material costs changed, so its probably gonna be made more relevent as development progresses. otherwise, yeah looks like its to wrap the handle up, though it could have been wood:)

The cloth works as a grip to reduce the weapons recoil by giving you a better grip on the weapon. Its to keep things realistic.