RevoTech Roleplay Community


Welcome to RevoTech a old roleplay community bought back to life from the tears of NoNameGaming. Revotech is running two servers. Half life 2 roleplay and eXperim3nt both by kuro. These servers are fairly new and does not have a very big player base. But with your help we can make it popular once more.

With nice admins and owner it is the place to be when Roleplaying. It is currently running two servers with Blueprint2 framework. Revotech have a website and vent also. You can also download the content and the map from the website.



Half Life 2 Roleplay
Slots 32
Map rp_city8_district9_fix

Slots 32
Map: rp_c18_v1

Down Loads

rp_city8_district9_fix and Half Life 2 Content
rp_c18_v1 and eXperim3nt Content



More generic rip-offs from kurozael.

Get your money back while you can.

Your just sad because you got banned from Cloud Sixteen.


kurozael treats people nice until you can’t backcharge him. We were actually lucky to get our money.

Wow Inferno. You got into Visons FTP and took the gamemodes, why the fuck would you do that. I bet the servers arent even whitelisted. :downs:

No. This community was not made from the ‘tears’ of No Name Gaming. It’s completely unrelated, No Name Gaming was attacked and restarted under a new name, Resurge Rolelay. Seriously Inferno, I doubt even Alex knows you’ve done this.

I was told by Alex to do a ad for his community. The game modes are whitelisted and no i did not go on Visons Ftp and steal them. This is not my community it is Alex’s.

This community is owned by Alex Grist, A Customer on cloud Sixteen.


This is a bit short don’t you think inferno? :3

I will update it later. And yes Alex knows what i am doing.

You didn’t backcharge, you didn’t even file a dispute. Who are you kidding?

well this is all i have to say :slight_smile:

Welcome To RevoTech…Weapons / Armor Upgrading …Nice Fun Relaxed Friendly Expermient Server From A Community That Cares

Yeah, we know the server is whitelisted, we don’t care. It didn’t rise from the ‘tears’ of No Name Gaming. Revotech has been around for a lot longer than that, it goes down and comes back up. This is the second time it’s been up this year. Don’t say things which aren’t true, this community is completely unrelated to No Name Gaming.

Bought back to life from the tears of NoNameGaming. Learn to read.

It wasn’t brought to life from the ‘tears’ of No Name Gaming. It was brought back like 3 weeks before NnG was attacked and it was worked on for those 3 weeks.


i miss experiment :frowning: played on a great server called bioshockrp before, then they quit and i donated like 2 weeks before.

Then why not join us. We are going to be up for a very long time.

I might join soon, but mostly because you are running city8.

And also, its really annoying to have to download your map from the server.

Updated Added Links

Added Half Life 2 roleplay pics