Rewarding achievement system

Hey i was thinking that rust needs a awarding achievement system that for example when you’ve chopped 50k wood you get granted the BP of a hatchet, or when you’ve made 50 eoka pistols you can make a bolt.
This would definately fix the BP shizzle…
Constructive criticism please? :slight_smile:

Not really a good idea. Unless they change it along the line you’d unlock it on just the server you hit the achievement. Not to mention that such a system could be abused via custom servers.

Of course such things would be server based just like the BP system we use now :slight_smile:

Go make a mod for it.

Achievements would be an interesting idea, but only for cosmetic items that still have to be crafted. That way, there is a double-edged sword:

On one hand, being a badass gets you some nice looking clothes, and maybe some building decorations.

On the other hand, people are now going to want a larger piece of your ass while wearing said clothes or seeing said fancy buildings.