Reworking my old maps, preparing a new one

After a 2 year hiatus from mapping, I have decided that is is once again time to pick up the hammer.

Within a day or two, I will be releasing an optimized version of SB_Forlorn, a fixed and optimized version of SB_Spacewar, and a new map based around factional combat, SB_Battlegrounds.

SB_Spacewar_V6 uploading…:fuckyou:
no moon crash, water planet has water again, lighting recompiled for hdr, 3 available spawn planets for factional warfare.

Ok? And this thread is for? Information? Where is content? Where is even information besides your announcement. In fairness what is SB_Forlorn? Never heard of it to be honest. Same with spacewar. and Battlegrounds?

P.S- weird useless thread in my opinion.

Since we are making announcements about things nobody cares about:

I am about to eat my ham and Salomi sandwich, everyone. posting pics soon.

Do it :slight_smile:

ps: Wow, Facepunch has become a very cold place in 2 years.

Tis Winter now.

Its just people getting all mad over a waste of a thread, don’t worry about it. Anyways, I hope your maps go well!

Please do, I waiting:munch:

Facepunch has always been cold. But I do have to agree with arleitiss, nobody is really going to care about your announcement without content. What people care about here ( the mapping section in specific ) is content. They want pictures, videos, etc. of maps. Not announcements of something you will be working on.

Not to mention it isn’t a rare sight to see someone make an announcement thread, so it quickly gets old and annoying.

ah woops, well content coming in a few hours anyway.

what’s a salomi

I think he means “Salami”.

ugh, compile is taking forever.