[RFTR] Rusted From The Rain - The Only Real PVP

Hi Guys.

Today I want to advertise the RFTR-Server.
It´s a free-accessable PVP server without any restrictions.
The administrators are active, friendly and fair.

For the server there is a clan page which contains stuff according to the server and other Rust stuff.

There are only two things you should be able to handle on RFTR: Don´t use any kind of hacks and don´t cry/annoy other players.
From that you are able to do anything.

Over the world you are also able to find storage boxes with items you really need (food, wood or something like that). They are freshly created everyday (24h).

Take your chance and join before everyone joins. Then you have easier chances to farm and build.


How to connect to the server:

  1. Start Rust
  2. In main menu, click F1
  3. Type “net.connect” (without “”)
  4. That´s it. After you did that one you are able to join over “Last visited servers”

How many slots does this server have:

The server has 100 available slots all the time. That offers enough space for everyone.

Where is the server located:

The server is located in Germany, but available to everyone.

What´s the server´s website:


I hope I will see you in-game!


Added free item request for beginners. Try you chance to get items without long-time farming.

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