RGC Server PvP/Sleeper/HalfCraft + More!

No Airdrops
Friendly Staff
Wipes Only If Required By Update
New Map 12/23
Server Location: Dallas, Texas
Absolutely No Admin Abuse Allowed or Tolerated!

**Game Server IP:** or

** How To Connect**
To Connect Press F1 Then Type: net.connect

**Upcoming Updates**
Working on a community website.
Receiving feedback from players on server rules/settings
Other randomness Lol
Server Games/Events?

Had a nice little group on last night. Still looking for more players to get this server nice and established tho :slight_smile:

Had a great time last night hoping to continue it today the sharing between the community was unbelievable. Also a community chest of sorts was setup for everyone to use.

8 Hour bump

Got the AirDrops cranked down to give all Players a fair chance!

Cranked down as in not happening atm so the world isnt saturated with C4!

8 Hour Bump

Got About 10 people on come check it out for yourself!

Apologize for the down time server has been updated and brought up :slight_smile:

Up and Running.

Server is Up :slight_smile:

All Seems well now!

82 People on atm!