RH-2 light utility helicopter.

The RH-2 is the first swashplate controlled helicopter I have released. It is a light helicopter which is fairly maneuverable. It does not have enough cyclic to achieve loops or rolls though (this can be done via modifying the E2 it uses). It’s max speed is about 85km/h and top speed around 110km/h. The speed of the rotor blades at the tips is kept roughly, around 273 km/h. It’s top speed is limited by Gmod’s speed limit (358 km/h).

If jinto’s speed mod is downloaded, the maximum speed can be increased (along with rotor blade speed) improving performance. Control wise it is quite smooth, although it is easy to get some wobble during hard cyclic changes. It’s best to do smooth and coordinated cyclic changed to get the best flight possible.

The cockpit has a airspeed, vertical speed (how fast the craft is moving up or down), altitude (it’s a the Z position of the heli relative to the world, so the values it outputs many times are strange), collective (there is no negative reading, so there is no indication of ether positive or negative collective, I don’t know why I did this when I build it), rotor RPM and engine toggle indicators. The rotor RPM and engine toggle indicators change color to tell their output.

Although it duplicated alright, the axis constrain which hold the blade together didn’t duplicate right along with weakening of the blade constrains, this makes the helicopter when pasted vibrate a lot. To get around from this the blades must be re-constrained on the helicopter. Read the “VibrationDecrease” file in the zip to do so, also watch this video tutorial on how to reattach the blades:


Controls are mouse (cyclic), W and S (collective) , A and D (yaw), R (rotor spool up) and alt (cyclic toggle/Turn on or off cyclic control).
Garrysmod.org download: **
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Happy flying.

best fucking music in the whole world.

Awesome helicopter.

Good work mags, and nice music

Clean and classy, and it’s not 4000 props. Bravo.

I think people underestimate the awesome of this helicopter and how awesome it flies. People should really, really check out his youtube account and subscribe because every helicopter he releases performs like a champ. XXXmags is my go to guy for helicopter videos. He’s awesome.

you deserve a medal.

Good to see it! Can’t wait to see more.

Yeah, I remember before you added some of that pilot assist code, it was so hard to fly w/o practice, but when you got some practice, it was so fun.


Fantastic video BTW

Nice work Mags! Looks nice and simple, yet stylish. Good job on sorting out your earlier problems.
What RPM do you have the main rotor at? No problems with retreating blade stall by the looks of it.
I think your next step is to try negative pitch. Like 12 pos and 12 neg. I want to see inverted some hovering and tick tocks!

Can i ask what the first video’s map is? Also great chopper, seems smooth.

On which map did you take the screenshots?

Are you using a thruster instead of a tail rotor? Kind of a shame, but it doesn’t matter since the actual rotor is fucking awesome.


Is the helicopter powered using the E2, or by any chance do you use your hydraulic actuated engine?


Its powered by a E2 chip. The thing about hydraulic engines is making them run smoothly, getting differently timed hydraulics around a crankshaft is something I have to work on. Although you could power it with one hydraulic, it would shake a lot (having a jerky push and pull force on the crankshaft instead of a somewhat continuous one). Right now my effort is more into fully articulated rotors.

Tail is controlled by a thruster.

Can I ask what you use to keep the bottom plate that controls the pitch with hydros (the one that doesn’t rotate) in the center with?

I use av. ballsocket to lock the bottom swash in place.

I do that too, but my plate just falls over from nothing being attached other than the XQM Hydros.

That video is so clean. Sweet ride as well.

Did you add the pilot assist since i first tried to fly it? I was trying to enter a gentle roll, and its all DO A BARREL ROLL

Nope, same old bird.