RH-3, swashplate controlled WOOD helicopter.

The RH-3 is a lightweight, easy to fly helicopter. It uses a semi-rigid rotor (meaning the blades can move lengthwise) with a average rotor blade speed (at the tips) of about 223 km/h. It’s maximum speed is roughly 100 km/h. Continuous speed in level flight is around 80 km/h. If no pilot input is applied, the helicopter will slowly level itself relative to the horizon. It is fully wooden and can be destroyed easily.

Flight video:

Download link:

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The thing itself looks a little fugly but the controls and flight looks good.
On a separate note, what’s the map? I like it.

Oh wow
yes please.

That is just amazing. I still can’t believe you made a helicopter with a swashplate control so well! You should have shown a video segment of the heli crashing :slight_smile:

Oh, that would be so gold to fly as a tf2 model.


That thing flies BEAUUUtifully. Very nice, I’m impressed. I’m also curious as to what maps you were flying around on.

D0wnl0@d pl0x!!1

He uploaded it yesterday. Lol.

Anyway I think that was a speed record in semi rigid copter construction. Having watched you build it, it couldn’t have been longer than an hour and a half to finish, and only about 20 minutes to first test flight.


I’m speechless…

very awesome, also, what map is that

Love the video.

Maps in the video are:

The pictures were taken on dm_radioactive_hd.

Awesome. I think I’ll put 'em on my server