Rhetorical thinking.

Erm yeah dudes. Just was playing aroung in gmod and started thinking. These few slides explain my thinking process.


I know it’s very complicated and there are some difficulties, but I do think that way. If I have time later, I will explain, why I like Spooning dead people.

Edit made it twice smaller

I am sorry, I can’t figure this one out, only half the image loads for me :frowning:

me too
fucking filesmelt

:< teh image is big jsut bear with it for a second. Or a minute.

depends on how hard you throw the babies…

It will take 20 to 30 more babies.

I answer your rhetorical question.

Brb, going to take a bath, dinner, edit some screenshoots and check my email while this loads.

Also go get some pizza, it’s going to take a while.

awwww,why don’t you call Ramirez for that?