Rhodesian Army Infantry

These are soldiers of the army of the former country of Rhodesia that existed from 1970 to 1979 in southern Africa. Included are 2 models of the same soldier with 2 different heads with a bunch of bodygroups.




That was fast! And awesome

Awesome models!
Can you add shirt without belt?

Nice one pal!
Love em!

Oh wow, they were released pretty quick. Still being an awesome job as always

Fancy guys. Great work.

man I wish they had chucks… they look great though.

Nice shorts.

Now we need the infamous “camo FAL”!

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Also have you ever thought of making the h.e.c.u. marines?
totally not a request, or anything

Shorty shorts and FALs go amazing together


Short shorts lmao


we have IDF. we have Rhodesians. we have US army and special forces. we have iraqi soldier and middle east bad guy. we have east and west german. we also have russians.

when we have winged hussar?

why there is no helmet?
its a great model though :3

I couldn’t really find almost any photos of rhodesians wearing helmets, so I’m assuming they just didn’t use any.

Also, just realized I forgot to include the mouth textures for one of the heads, I’m updating the workshop uploading with them right now, update should be up in a bit.




here some picture of rhodesian helmet i searched :3 i guess this will help

me too i can’t see any rhodesian wearing helmets…

The second helmet looks like it’s currently used, or at least the camo cover is (Soldier 2000 camo). The first one looks viable though. Anyway, I believe that helmets weren’t necessary in a bush war and were rarely used. And the third helmet is for police, and those models are supposed to be about army.

To be fair, Rhodesian police were fairly militarised during the war and went around using the same sorts of uniforms and weaponry, so it’s not implausible.

Now what we would need are ZANU/ZAPU soldiers and a Robert Mugabe ragdoll for the Rhodesians to fight.

Those generic bad guys released by the same ‘author’ could be used in a pinch.