Rhodesian Soldier hack/models brain storming

Hello fellow modeler/skinners! i was wondering if we could put together a model resembling Rhodesian selous scouts and infantry, in order to have a more diverse selection of soldier models than the generic call of duty type models that keep on appearing here and there.
here is a selection of assorted rough Rhodies as refrence and ideas.










this is more of a brainstorming/collab thread. feel free to help out
PS if anyone makes a model hack, i will be able to do textures for you
also here is my skin of a Rhodesian style paintjob

I’m going to back this up, whoever makes these models possible for Cheesecurls will get a gift from me.

I want soldiers with BOXER SHORTS!

Those are some tactical-ass short shorts.

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These probably wouldn’t be very hard to make by taking my vietnam soldiers and replacing the pants with those shorts and putting on a different camouflage.

ranger panties

I’m gonna see if I can make a concept of these by mixing the K&L Cubans/Vietnam Soldiers with the shorts from the FH2 desert brits

I have a good (I think) question: does anybody miss Rhodesia? From my point of view, Mugabe destroyed this country. I’m not racist, but it’s a solid fact: Rhodesia was a succesful country because “white guys” were in charge. Since the Zimbabwe was created, Africa became such a shithole.

About the idea: I think it can be a great project. I could do something around this, but I’m not on my computer and I have no clue what camouflage they use. Not to mention these fancy short panties.

Thread bump, hopefully someone will deliver.

i have the camo textures, leave the texturing business to me! and no, i will not release them.

Oops, nevermind, cheese already has it.

I support this. My grandfather fought in the Rhodesian Bush War. Mugabe’s an ass.

I can hack them. Could you add me on steam, cheese?

Maybe I’ll find these shorts on digitalero…