rHUD ( DarkRP HUD )



Yes, I got major inspiration from SleekHUD, I wanted to re-make it since it’s no longer for sale and was overall a decent HUD, I wanted to re-make it and add more features along side with it, I’ve re-designed it because it was a HUD I use to like to see on servers because it was nice to see.


RHUD is a HUD and Scoreboard designed for DarkRP ONLY, in the future if people request it, I will add other gamemode supports for them. This HUD’s design was mainly inspired by SleekHUD which went down ages ago, this HUD supports the DarkRP Hungermod, the health, armor and hunger all have smooth animations. The HUD is simple and doesn’t take up too much space which was the main goal of the HUD.


-Smooth hunger, health and armor animations.
-Hungermod support.
-Agenda HUD.
-Ammo HUD.
-Custom matching Scoreboard.
-Nice and simple design.
-Doesn’t take up that much space.
-Option to disable the Scoreboard and just use HUD, or disable HUD and just use Scoreboard.



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Tried submitting this shit HUD to Scriptfodder, but changed my mind since it’s quite simple and not worth anything, and want anyone to be able to use it. :godzing:

Great job, although one problem that makes me a little bit put off is the job name.
If it is too big it resorts to just adding “…” whereas as an alternative you could just make the font smaller on the bigger job names to make it fit on. IT looks way nicer imo if you do it that way instead of cutting the job name off.

Yeah, was thinking of doing that when making it, thought this might be better, otherwise the font would get quite small with some jobs. Might change it later today.

I disagree, you probably know what job you are anyway.

Some servers have ridiculously long job names so I’d just keep it like this. It’s long enough.

I think you should make it that when hunger mod is enabled, the hunger bar shows up underneath armor. It looks better that way.


I wonder could I put this code in lua/autorun/client

	function AmmoHUD()

		if LocalPlayer():Alive()  == false then return end

			local weapon = LocalPlayer():GetActiveWeapon()
			if weapon and IsValid( weapon ) then
			local clip = weapon:Clip1()
			local ammo = LocalPlayer():GetAmmoCount(LocalPlayer():GetActiveWeapon():GetPrimaryAmmoType()) 
			if clip == -1 or clip <= 0 and ammo <= 0 then return end
			if ammo and clip >= 0 then
				draw.RoundedBox( 0, ScrW() - 205, ScrH() - 85, 200, 80, RHud.MainColor )
				surface.SetDrawColor( RHud.OutlineColor )
				surface.DrawOutlinedRect( ScrW() - 205, ScrH() - 85, 200, 80 )

				draw.SimpleText( clip .. " / " .. ammo, "Ammo", ScrW() - 105, ScrH() - 65, RHud.MainTextColor, TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER )			

	hook.Add("HUDPaint", "MainHud", AmmoHUD)

I just want the ammo part of the hud if thats alright.

Sure. :smug:

Thanks this will work right?

Not hard to test it yourself.

Its pretty hard when i got 32/32 people and when i restart the server it usually drops to like 4 people. Even with an auto reconnect crash-screen. And mikey please dont reply to a question when its not gonna answer anything… It makes no sense just creates conflict. (forgot you’re an attention whore)

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And it doesnt work.

Try it in single player or a local server.

TBH I didnt think of that thanks! I still cant make it work. I got it to stop showing errors but the hud isn’t there.

You can’t use RHud… that will only work if you have the config, replace them with what they’re meant to be.


RHud.OutlineColor is actually Color(0, 0, 0, 255)

If you still need help tell me, if so send me your Steam link.

Doesn’t display names above heads :confused: