This is an addon I’ve been working on for the past month or so (ive been really busy recently)
It was started as a way for me to learn more about vgui/design development, and has ended up being pretty large.

In simple terms, it’s a way for servers to have custom huds, while allowing users to switch to the default. It comes with a few free huds that I’ve written as examples (and while trying to learn to make not-shit huds)

To install, just drag into your addons folder. If you’re running TTT, you don’t need to change anything in cl_hud. If you’re running DarkRP, make sure everything in the hudmodification module of darkrpmodification is set to false.

In game, users can type !hud to open up the simple menu. Simply select a hud from the dropdown and it will be applied and saved.

As this addon kind of relies on having a few huds to choose from, if you post a design in this thread I will probably write it for you (if it’s good), or if you have a private hud you want converted PM me and send a link to the code.

Also, because you hate everyone elses designs, you can write your own with RIM, which is yet another side project I got distracted with. Server admins don’t need to worry, there is no security flaws.

Documentation can be found here.
I’ve been testing this for a while, and I can’t find any bugs.
I figured I need to release this before I get completely sick of it.


If you have any questions/suggestions/criticisms please post!


looks impressive!

nice job bruh

Wait can you do like this?


im not sure what you mean, but probably no.
mind explaining a little more?

Am I stupid or doesn’t this work at all.

Are there any errors?
Does !Hud work?
How have you installed it?
What kind of server are you running?

Let’s go with the former until you can give some information

What functions, hooks, etc do you have access to?
I can imagine someone making a wallhack or aimbot in this.

(Just glanced, will test later)


RIM scripts only have access to
RHUD, Color, Material, Lerp, GetRoundTime, and print

also draw, surface, render, and math libraries.

you can’t even touch players, LocalPlayer is already passed as ply or Player

Well the addon is in the servers addon folder. I do not get any errors but nothing happens when i write !hud. Im running a DarkRP server.

He asked for use of the Derma skin you use in your RHUD frames in his ones.

i figured as much

you can copy any code you want, but most of it is just gross overrides

So what do you think the problem is, rejax?

what’s the path to the addon?
have you restarted your server?
does typing rhud_credits in the console make anything show?


what version of darkrp are you running?

2.5 I just got the huds working but some of them are like missing the avatar and is quite messed up.

add me on steam

on request, converted two huds for ttt

all credit to Steeze

download (zip)
just put the extracted steeze_rhud in addons, and rhud will mount it