RHUD Screen:

Install - darkrpmodification\lua\darkrp_modules\rhud

Beside the fact that i don’t like the Design, i think there was a RHUDbefore.

Tomelyr, This is my first script, the more I am Russian “scripter” excusable me (probably):smiley:
RHUD never seen before, with the name sorry.

I feel like the color scheme will give me an epileptic seizure. Maybe tone down the bright colors a little and add some black outlines in there?

Aeternal, from this script is nothing left, I updated it globally.
New screenshots will soon throw off:3

It’s nice to see more people getting into lua, I hope you had fun and learnt a lot with this script! One thing, though, please keep in mind that you don’t have to release everything you make and it’s always good to just make stuff for yourself

I mainly say this as we’ve been getting a lot of HUD threads posted here lately :v:

Thank you for your positive comment, I will try to do something new, such as F4 menu …
In Russian with encoders defetsit, so I will obraschatsya for help :slight_smile:
I’m more interested in the question of how to remake F4 menu with 2.4.3 version 2.5.1
If you have such knowledge, could suggest?