RiceKrispieFlop Roleplay Server [Read More...]

Rice Krispie Flop Roleplay is a new DarkRP server with new classes and great stability. Aswell as hosting active admins.

Now we all know that DarkRP is 99% of the time “mingebag heaven” and is nothing but non-serious roleplay. However we can honestly tell you that this server is completely the opposite. Heard it all before? Well we can promise you that it is different.

The problem with many DarkRP servers is that the admins are never active or fit into the catagory of a mingebag. Well that is not the case on this server.

Our three super admins:
are currently in search of extra admin activity to help secure fun roleplay. These admins are clamping down on deathmatching and prop killing, aswell as other causes for concern.

** The Server… **

has the following jobs for you to apply to:

Civil Protection: These guys will help to ensure that your safety is maintained throughout your roleplay life. Their chief of police will be the big man who will give assigned missions and tasks to the officers.

Militant Soldier: The militant soldiers are mainly visible during lockdown or at times of a raid. They are the heavies of the roleplay community and use tactical force to achieve their goals.

Computer Technician: Having trouble with your computer system? Give these guys a call and they will be around soon enough to help bring around a solution.

Car Dealer (Not Permo): Earn your big bucks by selling your fast car’s to the public. However make sure they have a drivers license.

Salesman: Walk the streets and sell your goods for cash cash cash!

Zombie: God knows how you got into the city but my god don’t let the combine catch you.

Hitman: Someone needs your help to kill a man… or a woman. Do your job right and get your cash. (Do not abuse the NLR!)

Hobo: No home, no family, no reason to live. Just build a shack and throw your poo!

Mayor: This is your city. Take care of business and get your taxes.

Cook: People are hungry. Feed Feed Feed damn you!

Medic: Someone is injured so go heal them and kiss their boo boo.

Gun Dealer: The hitmen and the gangs are useless without you. Earn your living.

Mob Boss: Control your gang before they control you. Trust me they may try.

Gangster: Do as your told or a spanking you shall obtain!

** This server runs PCMOD2 so if you hate errors, get the pack! **

Admins are always on the server so if you have any problems let us know immediately… we will help. Promise :slight_smile:

Rice Krispie Flop Roleplay [PCMOD2 - Custom Jobs - UK] -
Changing to rp_cscdesert_v2-1 : http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=3952

also might run rp_downtown_v2: http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=42006


Also visit our new website at: http://thursday-cup.com/roleplay/index.php

Very well maintained server fair play, enjoyed playing :slight_smile: