Rich target environment - SHIT! Shot the wrong one

Simple pose. I’m sick and bored…


Poor Louis, that is definitly not passing out with some pills.

Awesome angle, blood and posing :stuck_out_tongue:

Dem darn CEDA officers were planning this!

Damn racists!

Poor louis D:

NO! Not Louis! We need some pillz here! STAT!
Rated funny.

Can’t see shit, captain. :saddowns:



Pretty good, but the soldier seems to be glowing strangely (the result of the depth-of-field I guess) and Zoey’s faceposing and posing is laughable… or was it supposed to be funny? Rated funny.

It’s not supposed to be funny. I’m a zero at faceposing…

The zombie in the suit behind them seems badly posed. At least the arms look kinda off.

:[ It’s supposed to be DRAMATIC!

he was uhh


I really like the posing on Louis.

If you want, I can help with that. My Steam name is maverick050598. If you’re interested, just contact me and we can set something up. On the picture, it’s quite good. The blood editing is good, but something about Louis’s posing seems off. It seems kinda stiff around the middle, y’know?

The posing looks nice.

It’s because he’s black, man!

That is some sweet posing you got there.

Thanks but I think I just need to practice. :wink: