Richard Burns Surfing

**Richard Burns’ Surfing

**Richard Burns’ Surfing is an unique gamemode developed for Garry’s Mod. It’s the one of the many racing gamemodes for Garry’s Mod but the only one that utilizes surfing as a style of racing.
I’ve always wanted to develope at least a kz-style( try to beat the best times ) mod for surfing, and once I started developing, it eventually evolved into a Mario Kart-style racer.

How does it work?

In Richard Burns’ Surfing, once you join a server you can enter the race queue. The race starts when the timer has run out and there are at least two players, or if all the players have entered the queue.
When the race starts, all of the players are dropped on the surf at the same time, and now they just have to be the fastest to get to the finish line or complete the set amount of laps( default is 3 ).
This game features a checkpoint system, which ensures that once you drop from the surf you don’t have to start again all the way from beginning but instead, you get dropped at the last checkpoint you hit.

Also, a fairly numerous amount of powerups are going to be in. Ranging from missiles to earthquakes( POW-block anyone? ) this is what is going to be the most hooking feature in this game. By hitting a box you
get a powerup drawing( lottery? ) screen that eventually gives the powerup for you, and you can use it usually by clicking with your mouse. The powerups are going to be given in an order that helps the leading
player the least, in a similar fashion to Mario Kart. That means that as a leading player, it’s impossible for you to even get a boost powerup, let alone a star that grants you invincibility and speed for some time.
What is currently missing / how much of the gamemode is ready etc?
I would say a 40% of the gamemode is done at the moment. There are still many bugs and still I have to figure out a lot of things that are going to affect the gameplay. What the gamemode misses the most are the details.
I’m not a fast artist, if I have the time I can do all the materials and music and stuff for the game but it’s going to take time. At the moment I’m trying to concentrate on making the game play better and
coding new powerups. What that basically means is that this game doesn’t look audiovisually appealing in any way at this moment, but I hope you got hooked by the idea.
Now for some content:
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Got a powerup from a box like those in the pic, showing the random powerup screen
Second lap, going to get another powerup
Got a boost powerup( upper right corner )


Oops, dropped from a surf. Oh well I’m glad the game has checkpoints!
Finished the map first, no time showing yet though


Showing the tools I coded to help set up the map, spawn maker
Box spawner, just spawned a box and the ghost is your next box( left click to set pos, right click to spawn )
Removed the box that I spawned before


Endzone making tool, you can set it’s initial position and boundaries by just clicking somewhere, or once you have an active endzone, you can press E to start morphing (freezes you and you can control the brush with W,A,S,D,space,ctrl, and shift to shift pos with previously mentioned controls )
Spawned and removed the endzone


What can I do to help?
I’m planning to start a FP-private alpha test in the next couple weeks, so be sure to check this thread continuously to know when it’s gonna start and how you are able to get to the server. I hope
to get lots of players to give feedback and to test how this plays with a full server( 16 players! Though I don’t know if my home server can handle that :v: )

So give feedback now, and be prepared to get to play this gamemode!

This is looking nice, nice job! When the alpha test starts i’ll play if i’m on.

Damn that misleading title! I thought I’d see Richard Burns surfing!
This looks very nice, even though I didn’t get to see any progress (except the one WAYWO post you made)

Beautiful, i cant wait to play this.

Unique gamemode, LuaKing’d.

Surf has been done for Fretta before, but seems interesting if you’re adding powerups (for all maps?) on it. Are you also making this Fretta compatible, or standalone?

It’s going to be standalone at first but I might convert it to Fretta too. What was the surf gamemode called like? I haven’t heard of it.


**If I found the right gamemode( ), this doesn’t have laps, checkpoints, anti-falling system or powerups, only the movement code that was required when sv_airaccelerate
was blocked. My gamemode is a racing gamemode, it isn’t about killing other players. (Although you do get points for hitting a player with a missile (green shell) powerup at the moment.)

Yup, I know. Glad you have plans for Fretta, too. Good luck with the project!

I love that they use the swimming animation on the ramps, oh my god that’s brilliant.

That’s the default falling animation, it just happened. They look cool yes, but I’m planning to make players surf the surfs with a hoverboard :v:

I’ve been working hard on the gamemode for a couple days since I have been ill so it’s getting near the alpha-release!
By the way

Current changelog:

* Added the Fakebox powerup
* Added the Flashbang powerup
* Added the Headcrabcanister Launcher powerup
* Added the Triple missiles powerup
* Added the Triple boosts powerup
* Added the Dog powerup 
* Added the Crowbar powerup
* Added powerup hitfeed, now you can see who hit you and what powerup he hit you with.
* Added stunning, now the missiles, for example, stun the player for a set amount of time instead of restoring him back to the last checkpoint
* Added the powerup-description screen, in the upper left corner. Shows the powerup name and help on how to use it.
* Added powerup tiers, now the players can only get tiers from the tier they're in or from the slightly worse tier. This means that the leading player can't get the Headcrabcanister launcher for example
* Added a turbo-per-falls-system. Now the players who fall often get a boost which amount depends on how often the player has fallen.
* Added time showing at the end of each race.

* Made it so that the powerup tiers scale on how many players are in the race
* You can't be stunned while you are invisible or invincible by Ghost or Dog powerups respectively.
* You can now set default leaving velocities for checkpoints by passing through them while having the checkpoint tool deployed.
* Made it so that you can see yourself while you're invisible
* Fixed velocity limiting
* Standings don't update for the players who are invisible

* Fixed dozens of bugs with each powerup and the racing system

Some content:
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Getting a powerup…
Got the Dog powerup, let’s use that
Dog rules!! Also I got a fakebox powerup, going to place it


Oh damn I got hit by my own headcrabcanister launcher… Stupid, stupid, stupid!
Race over, hooray!


I’m going to post a video of the gameplay as soon as I have the time. I don’t have FRAPS or anything, any recommendations?

MSI Afterburner has video capture.

Okay i can’t hold back anymore.
Everytime i see this thread i read it as “Dick Burn surfing”
You just had to choose Richard.

Great thanks!