Richard saves Jill from a giant snake

Once again I have found my self wanting to do a pic from part of a game.
This time I have chosen to do Resident Evil and this is what I got.

*note I could not find a good refrence pic so i did this from memory.

As always comments and constructive criticism is welcome.
And sorry for it being to dark.

:wtc:It’s way to dark
but what I can see it has good posing
But I had to turn my monitor’s brightness WAY up

I can’t see shit.

I can see it. Of course, I did have to turn up my brightness a bit.
Great posing


What Jill? What snake? All is see is varying shades of grey.

Oh wow. The picture isn’t actually bad at all.

she was almost a…


Thanks for the comments guys, im very sorry that i made it too dark.

The posing is very nice, but the picture itself is WAY too dark.

awesome pic yujin110 ^_^, this is the sort of stuff i wanted too see happen when i ported those models.

Thanks for the models by the way :slight_smile: