Rick and Morty RP server?

I have lately been watching Rick and Morty and I love Gmod, I was wondering if anyone has created an RP server based on this show, I would love to see one, comment your opinion below.

The Source engine and by proxy GMOD would not be able to do it justice. It would amount to a RP variant of like, puttering around the Smith household at best. And role distribution would be a nightmare as EVERYONE would want to Rick or whatever disposable character of the week the most recent episode featured, resulting in the people stuck as Morty or Jerry trying to out of character sabotage stuff in.

It just wouldn’t work on GMOD.

But surely there would be unlimited ricks?

While true, they would all be the same regardless. The only differences would be appearance and personality, and it would be up to the player to enforce personality. And seriously, if current RP players treat getting cop as a blank check to slaughter people who know how they will treat being The Rick That Only Eats Boogers and such.

Sounds like the old GM Tower apartments.

Maybe not rp but gamemode where rick could team up whit another player who is morty and use teleport swep to mess around in few small universes whit other ricks and mortys

Why don’t we create an RP gamemode about roleplaying in a RP environment? It’s a completely new gamemode idea!

That’s a good idea actually. I’m trying to think outside the box here. What if there were cops? Also what about hitman? How would we prevent RDM and OOC play? Oh, here’s an idea: we could document every action we take using an “advert” system. For example, if I raid somebody, I would have to advertise that I’m raiding them. That’s probably the best way and makes it easiest for administrators. What about gun dealers? How do we prevent gun dealers from giving themselves their own weapons? “Self-supply” we could call it. There should be a rule against that. Everybody knows you can’t get high on your own supply.

I think his point was praying on the rick-multiverse where the could be multiple pairs of rick and mortys. But I like the ideas you’re bringing to the table! Intriguing!

Well don’t forget, using LUA you would be able to code a “alternate universe” running on the same plane, at the same time. (You just render everything to who and what you want, like rendering 2 ricks, but 1 multiverse can see this rick, the other one can’t (like an invisible world, but its there))

This would be possible in Garry’s Mod, and all you need is 4 players per family, and you can have infinite multiverses using rendering (this will not result in FPS loss as things only happen on you’re side of things)