Rick Astley Skin

Better know as the Rickroll. Anyone can make a skin of him?

I fixed your post as it was obvious that you don’t know how to post on a forum in a dignified manner.

It’s possible that someone would make a model out of this, but only if they really like rick rolling people. (If it’s done you can roll the rick!..down a hill! ;D)

Edit: It appears that the original image he posted had a blocker-type protocol. I chose a different image.

That would be sweet!

No… No… No…
Jus… No…

The sad part is, I actually used to think “Never gonna give you up” was a nice song.

Damn you /b/! :argh:

reskin of this

= rick astley.

Dear god no.

Looks more like Duke

…that wesker model is just what i need myself…