RICKROLLED! - Achievement for RabidToaster's Achievement Add-On

I made this for use with the youtube player.


Achievement - Get killed with the youtube player.

Mclovin & Pat’s In-game Youtube Player – http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=77765
PHX3 – https://phoenix-storms.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/phoenix-storms/ (svn)
RabidToaster’s Achievement’s Add-On – http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=45133
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Achievement Icon

RabidToaster – Original Code
Mclovin & Pat – Youtube Player
Teh_Spy – Achievement
Teamfortress2.fr – Achievement Icon ( http://teamfortress2.fr/achievements.php?eng )



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Works with the latest version of youtube player. (Version 2)





That’s clever.

Its ok, but not interesting. And killing someone with a youtube player isn’t a rick roll.

Unless you checked the url of the current video it was playing, “never gonna give you up”, then you got your self a true rick roll.

Yeah, but I think it’s pretty funny if you get owned by a youtube video. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, unless you know how to do it or know someone that does, then you’re comment is null and void.

OMG! This is awesomez!
I would hope on some similar addons from you, you do it pretty well…

(Sorre for bumping a 3 weeks old thread if you thing thats too long)

Uhh… thanks. Do you have any ideas for any more achievements? :3



You have no life - spend XXXX hours useing the youtube player

Wow your a sucker - Get rickrolled 100 times

I can’t do “You have no life”. Because (as far as I know), there is no real way of GMOD knowing if you are using youtube.

“Wow you’re a sucker” will work just fine. Will release within the week if not tonight.

If you have any more ideas, feel free to venture one here or PM me.
You can also add me through steam.

EDIT: As I said before, I can’t make it read the video URL. I assume you meant this achievement but 100 times.



I was expecting the download link to be a rickroll :v:

I would be ban by now. :lol:

Lol. What would really be rickrolld achievement is someone making a pc with speakers on the server, and then playing the corresponded song with the download+achievement.
That would earn the achievement.

As I said before…


You are so downhearted. You can get the users imput, and check it to see if the url matches a rickroll link.

I lol’d.

I don’t how how to get the users ‘imput’. :3

Weird, but okay…

Look at the code of the TV thing.

That doesn’t do me much, I am somewhat limited to what I can code into this achievements add-on. It’s not steam cloud. :v:

I suppose you would need to edit the TV player to make one value global, so its not really worth it in the end.