Ricky Gervais

Hello im requesting a ricky gervais model he in gta 4 so it wont be that herd to port him heres a pic:


I could do it, but it won’t have faceposing.

ok i wont mind. thanks.

What about other GTA 4 models?

this would be awesome, watched 2 episodes of Ricky Gervais show last night. too bad there arent karl pilkington and stephen merchant models anywhere

As I said before, I could do it, but I’m also really lazy, and I get hella bored with rigging models.
I could’ve sworn that Henry Townshend was working on facepose flexes for that Ricky model.

alright thanks for the update.

Just going to do a quick bump and ask for any updates.

Ricky is Rotund.
“Im not rotund, that sounds like a giant fucking wombat!”

Best line from Ricky in GTA4 imo.